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The Andrea Graham Quartet is an Edmonton-based band. Fronted by vocalist Andrea Graham, the band plays a traditional blues, jazz and R&B with a touch of soul. These veteran musicians draw inspiration from such greats as Etta James and Sarah Vaughan, as well as from contemporary artists such as Lake Street Dive and Sharon Jones. The Quartet’s live performance groove guarantees a great night of music.

Andrea L. Graham - Vocals

Andrea L. Graham has over 30 years of diverse vocal experience including opera, chamber and bel canto choral work, as a lead performer in musical theatre and as a featured soloist in blues, jazz and R&B live projects.


Tim Maskell - Lead Guitar

Tim Maskell has over 50 year of guitar/bass experience ranging in styles from rock n’ roll, musical theatre, jazz, blues and classical guitar. He’s even been known to pick up a banjo.

Tim Williamson - Bass Guitar

Tim Williamson has been playing the bass guitar for more years than he cares to admit. His musical interests range from rock, pop, jazz, blues, and combinations of the above. This is a most convenient situation because of the range of musical styles that The AGQ offers.

Tom Carter - Percussion

Tom Carter worked his way through university playing in a trio that covered rock, funk, jazz and even country. He’s been playing in party bands and basement bands ever since.